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Happy new year to everyone!

The year have started for UniqueYou with our appearance in Telva magazine. For those that does not know, Telva is a well established woman magazine in Spain. If I am not mistaken is in top 3 of the best-selling magazines in its category with a circulation of 180k copies.

Everything happen really fast. A call, an interview, a photo session… all in a single weak and done! A few weeks later we were communicated that the article was selected for the January edition. 

The Telva article is in Spanish, so for those that cannot read this language and are interested on our interview, here a translation of the interview done to us.

The Article

“Exfoliation is the key for skin cell renewal”

Who is she?
Iwona Urbanska, salon UniqueYou, Barcelona (uniqueyou.es)

Licensed in Public Health specialised in applied Cosmetology in Poland.

Why we like her?
She is an expert in cosmetic ingredients and have a deep knowledge of the most renowned international brands.

How long have you been in Spain?
I opened my salon in Barcelona about 3 years ago even that I have dedicated all my life to this profession.

What was the most important lesson-learned back the university in Poland?
My mentor in the university, Dr. T. Swiecicka, insisted in manage times and adapt techniques and products for each person as well as listen to the customer.

Brand of cosmetics worth to look at
Nowadays there are three brands I consider really interesting: Alex Carro, Drunk elephant and Kypris.

Common mistakes [skin-care]
Sun over-exposition [in Spain] and forget skin cleaning at the end of the day. The last one is a small step but make a real difference.

Key ingredients to maintain a good skin condition
Vitamin C, retinoid and hyaluronic acid.

How often do you recommend to visit a professional?
There are no rules but skin needs. A good skin routine should combine home and professional care.

What is essential in a facial treatment?
Exfoliation. Whatever is physical, chemical or using ultrasounds. Cell renewal is the key to get the best of your skin.

What practices in skin care treatments you don’t like?
Mechanical extractions. I would band it in any treatment.

What is your skin care motto?
Sun far, good beauty routine. That includes choosing the perfect cosmetics for each skin and use them according to the needs of each client.

Why your clients come back?
I consider them opinion and concerns seriously. I listen to them. Sometimes clients need time and help to explain what they want or need. Another important aspect is the personalisations of treatments.

You best-selling treatment
Chemical exfoliation are a great option for this time of the year [winter in Spain] when the sun is not that intense. I prepare the skin for the peeling, I give some time for the acid to do its work and then I clean the skin and apply a mask before intense hydration. This is a treatment that last 75 minutes and cost 85€ [error in the article]. It provides a deep skin cleaning which recover a younger and fresh look.


When people walk out of UniqueYou we want them to look beautiful and feel pampered. With our beauty treatments you can enjoy the satisfaction that you look your absolute best. This is UniqueYou.

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