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Due to the high demand of hot waxes at UniqueYou we have decided to extend our variety of waxes including in our list of flavours the Rosette Lycon Hot Wax.

Rosette Lycon Hot Wax is a premium, creamy pink wax with Chamomile and Roses. It is the Lycon’s latest wax flavour using Titanium Dioxide technology.

This is a great chose for waxing sensitive areas, perfect for Brazilian waxing.

Why UniqueYou uses only Lycon wax?

At UniqueYou we are convinced to use the best products and techniques for a reasonable price but always great results. For waxing treatments Lycon has been so far the best option we had came across. As explained in our previous article “Lycon Wax – 100% natural alternative“, the waxes from Lycon has a really low melting temperature as well as great moisture properties. These qualities combined with an incredible stickiness removes hair as short as 1 mm yet allowing its application repeatedly in the same area without provoking irritations.

Why we decided to take Rosette Lycon Wax?

In our experience, the combination of Lycon’s Titanium Dioxide and Lycojet technologies cover all waxing needs for sensitive areas. Both types of waxes are well know at UniqueYou but perhaps we did not have enough variety of flavours.

So, in order to give an additional choose to our clients  we had decided to go for a save choose and add an additional one from this well known collection.

How it performs?

Lycon has not disappointed us with this last release. The same precision, the same low temperature and of course the same grip found in previously released Titanium Dioxide options.

If you feel like trying our last available waxing option do not hesitate to Book here.

See you soon!


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