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Definitely, I like Lycon. Not only the wax itself but the equipment, lotions, trainings.. At the beginning l looked at wax, like wax! What else can be? But after trying it and have the chance to work with it I decided that Lycon will be in my salon. And here it is!

I am super happy to offer to all my clients what I consider the best wax in the market.

But, what is special about it? Why it is, apparently, the Créme de la Créme of wax? Pretty sure many of you my feel the same than myself a few years ago. But please, let me introduce it starting with its history.

Lycon History

Lycon wax was developed in late 70’s by Lycia Jordane, an aesthetician from Australia, after she was not able to find a natural wax alternative to offer to her clients. For the first waxes launched in the market she used only the finest resins, natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils including azulene, aloe vera, chamomile, roses and lavender. Now, a few years later, the concept it is almost the same..

This revolutionised the industry because “shrink wraps” the hair being able to remove hair as short as 1 mm. Additionally, it leaves your skin smooth and soft to touch and it does not burn because it melts a quite low temperature ensuring additional conform.

Why I like it?

The first thing I like about Lycon is the aromas, especially the smell of the LYCOtec strip wax. My favourite one.

Lycon Wax sticks to the hair perfectly removing really short hair surprisingly easy. I am remarking the stickies of this wax not only because it is able to capture the shortest hair but because it takes it out from the root. The consequence is a durable and long lasting results.

Another property I like about Lycon products is how gentle it is with the skin. The combination of good pre-was oils and the low melting temperature of the wax allow reapplying it several time in the same area to remove the most naughtiest hair without irritating or burn your skin.

Painless wax!

I read and hear several times that Lycon, as well as other “fantastic” depilatory systems are painless. Well.. how can anybody believe on that? Waxing is about pulling out hair!! This by definition is painful. But there is a difference here..

The trick is that Lycon insist in using several techniques to reduce the pain. Here you have three basic principles for pain reduction:

  1. Prepare the skin to resist the hit of the wax.
  2. Remove the wax according to professional training standards so that it will perform as expected.
  3. Treat the skin after the wax for fast recovery.

Those basic principles are not patented by Lycon, I was trained on that even before knowing that Lycon exists, but Lycon does train any beautician following those principles and what is more important, provide high quality products and equipment to easily follow these principles..

I have been working with the product for nine years now and I recommend it to all my clients.

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