In summer 2014, in one of my regular visits to Poland I heard about a kind of manicure that was new for me. They called it Japanese Manicure and it was getting really famous there. I did my research and I actually loved the concept (more to come below) so I straight away bought the basic equipment and join a training.

Many of my clients like to have always color on them nails without letting them nails to breathe. My recommendation is to give to your nails a rest now and later, so the structure of the nail does not get damage by applying and removing layers of varnish constantly.

This is actually an important consideration. Nails grow quite slow, about 0,1 mm per day. This means that hand-nail are fully replaced from 6 to 8 month; toe-nails take from one year to 18 month to be fully replaced. Think about it, with this slow process to renew your nails, don’t you think it will be great to have a manicure than improve the nail growing and its quality?

I like to provide always a complete manicure: nice shape with the file, deep clean of the hands with warm water, cuticle work… The difference with the Japanese Manicure is that not varnishes are used. Instead, a mechanical application of nutrients is applied in order to make the nails to shine on their own.

The goal of the Japanese Manicure is to give back some life into your nails. The process consist in two steps. First, a paste created with beeswax, wool grease, vitamin A + E, keratin and silica is applied using a buckskin buffer. Second, a powder which also has strengthening properties and nutrients is used to fix the components contained in the paste. Later, a few secrets are applied. The results are a really shining natural look nails that last around two weeks.

This manicure is specially recommended for people whose nails are brittle, fragile, splitting or have a porous structure. I do recommended to just to give a rest to your nails. This treatment improves nail growing and the quality of the nails which will prevent from nail breaking.

This treatment can also be applied on the toe nails which actually is one of the most demanded services in the salon.

I am happy to announce that we provide this manicure alternative for all our clients.

Iwona Urbanska



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