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Foot care has been an essential part of history for 1000’s of years. In many old civilisation rites regarding foot care took a predominant position. For instance, footwashing after a trip or before praying were rites that are still in practice. Nevertheless, feet was the main mode of transport and a correct care was key to keep going with any activity.

Today the situation has changed dramatically in our modern life and footcare does not have the same symbolic significance. That does not change that our feet are still a special part of our body and they require specific care. The reasons for that are quite simple, without your feet we are pretty much stuck. Even so, we usually forget to include them in our daily beauty routines.

Forgetting about your feet usually finish when summer and sandals are about to come back. We suddenly remember about our feet. In this post I will share some easy tips for for you to add them in your daily routines to get your feet ready.

Those tips will target the correct hydration of our feet, avoid cracking heels from really dry skin and the key considerations to avoid the development of fungus.

Daily foot care

The first and most important advice is to keep your feet clean and properly moisturized.

My personal recommendation is to include in your routine each day the habit of washing your feet with soap and warm water before you go to bed.  If the morning is better for you, do it then.  But take a couple of minutes on your feet every time you bathe to carefully wash them without forgetting any of the spaces between each toe. If any dirt is visible under your toenails, remove it using an orange wood stick. You can find these in any chemist.

After your shower or bath, dry your feet properly and moisturize them before going to sleep. Keeping your feet dry is really important. Fungus grows easily on damp feet. This also applies to the amount of moisturizer you use so do not leave excess moisturizer, especially between your toes.

Public Hygiene

In public places like gyms or swimming pools never go barefoot. You do not want to pick up other people’s fungus.  Where there are a lot of people sharing places, even in the cleaner ones, you can get a nasty surprise.  Wearing rubber flip flops (thongs) is the best option.

Not maintaining for your feet or forgetting some of the basic rules described in this post can cause many problems which can be avoided with just a little care.

If you think you need some advice on how to integrate these foot care habits into your routine or need to pamper your feet a little here in Barcelona, please don’t hesitate to contact me at the studio.

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