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At UniqueYou we are really proud to offer what we consider the more precise technique to apply eyelash extensions. This technique is called 1:1 because lashes are actually applied one by one. Even that the treatment process is quite slow and laborious, the result is spectacular specially when a natural look is desired.

Our clients tend to trust us so we do not get many questions about the technique we use. Contrary, it looks to be a great confusion on what are the extensions types available in the market and we got questions on this subject quite often.

Eyelash extensions types

The classification of eyelashes is quite confusing. At first, it may look that eyelash types respond to the material from where the eyelash is created. It is not that easy. Almost all eyelashes are manufactured from synthetic polymers (or similar) with the exception of the real mink lashes. But not the “normal” or faux (French word meaning “fake”) mink, I am speaking about those coming actually for the animal.

Synthetic eyelashes

Synthetic eyelashes are made from synthetic polymers. They look quite unnatural as they are thicker, more firm and shinier than natural lashes. This kind of eyelash extension are quite popular between young clients which are looking for a really dramatic and made-up look. In many cases these are lashes that are used for a single occasion.

Due to its thickness this kind of eyelash extension keep the curl really well even on lengths far longer than natural ones. Compared with other kind of extensions, synthetic lashes are the most heavy one. Perhaps this could be the reason why synthetic lashes do not last long glued on our natural ones.

At UniqueYou synthetic eyelash extensions are not really popular as we usually recommend to approach for small and naturally look enhancements.

Silk eyelashes

Silk eyelash extensions are the most used ones nowadays. They are also made from synthetic material but they are lighter and less unnaturally glossy. Silk extensions are more porous and lighter so they usually glue better and last longer attached on your natural lashes.

The designs (length, thickness and curl) can be as dramatic as synthetic ones but tend to look less “plastic” made. Consequently, silk eyelashes can be applied to enhance volume, fullness and length depending on clients needs.

Faux mink eyelashes

As introduced before, faux actually means fake in french. This already gave us an idea that those are actually not made from natural hair but again synthetic materials. The biggest difference when compared to silk ones are them design to imitate real mink lashes which reduce the amount of designs available.

Faux mink eyelashes are design to be really light and fine to imitate as much as possible your one ones. As with silk extension they last longer than synthetic ones being possible, with proper care, to extend its use for weeks.

Faux mink extension lightness allows to glue more than one extension in a single natural lash. This technique is also know as 2D (when adding 2 extension per natural) or 3D (when adding 3). This approach allows to enhance your eyelashes into a whole new level that are unachievable with silk or synthetic extensions.

Mink Eyelashes

Mink eyelashes (the real ones) are the only one natural. Those are the only one not made from synthetic fiver but are directly fur from the actual animal. The fact that they come from animals it opens the discussion of eyelash extensions beyond beauty means. Additionally, many producers does not help much as it is really difficult to get any information of what is the process to extract the fur from the animals, how animals are actually kept…

As in previous occasions, we like to remember the reader that our core knowledge is beauty treatments and products but not environmental or animal cruelty subject. Like everybody we have an opinion on those subject but we don’t see ourselves to be capable to provide an objective message on this matters. Consequently, if the reader is interested to go further on those details we recommend googling about mink extensions per producer.

Going back to beauty, in many occasions it is really difficult to distinguish faux mink from real mink extensions. In some cases, to be able to differentiate one from another the only way is to wet them. The fake extension will keep the shape. If the extension is made from natural fivers it will compact like your natural lashes and you will need an eyelash brush or a curler to give back the desired shape.

Hope you liked the article.

If you are interested to know more about the eyelash extension services offered by UniqueYou please access this page: Eyelashes.





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