feet washing

How well are you look after your foot?

Foot care has been an essential part of history for 1000’s of years. In many old civilisation rites regarding foot care took a predominant position. For instance, footwashing after a trip or before praying were rites that are still in practice. Nevertheless, feet was the main mode of transport and a correct care was key to keep going with any activity.

Today the situation has changed dramatically in our modern life and footcare does not have the same symbolic significance. That does not change that our feet are still a special part of our body and they require specific care. The reasons for that are quite simple, without your feet we are pretty much stuck. Even so, we usually forget to include them in our daily beauty routines.

Forgetting about your feet usually finish when summer and sandals are about to come back. We suddenly remember about our feet. In this post I will share some easy tips for for you to add them in your daily routines to get your feet ready.



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