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Take care with cheap manicure extensions!

There are several ways to do nails extension, the most common ones are gel and acrylic. Gel consist in applying a layer of a soft gel substance that is cured using UV or blue light (LED) which photo-initiate a polymerisation process. This is what transform a soft substance into a hard but flexible one. 


Japanese Manicure

In summer 2014, in one of my regular visits to Poland I heard about a kind of manicure that was new for me. They called it Japanese Manicure and it was getting really famous there. I did my research and I actually loved the concept (more to come below) so I straight away bought the basic equipment and join a training.

Many of my clients like to have always color on them nails without letting them nails to breathe. My recommendation is to give to your nails a rest now and later, so the structure of the nail does not get damage by applying and removing layers of varnish constantly. […]


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