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The Ordinary – More for less

During 2016 we came across a new cosmetic brand in the market, The Ordinary. We were really surprised with the ingredients, the marketing strategy and price. All looked to be rather unusual so we decided to take a closer look.

We acquired some of them product and during a couple of month three close collaborators used them under our close control. But before gettin into the details let’s start from the basics. […]

microbeads cosmetics

UK ban on cosmetics with microbeads

UK has banned the sale of cosmetics that contain small balls of plastic. Those small pieces of plastic, called microbeads, are included into the cosmetics to improve its texture and mainly, to add exfoliation capabilities. Microbeads end up into the rivers and seas affecting our environment. The ban will be applied at the end of 2017 […]

hydrate your body for better skin care

Skin care, hydration is the key

The main consideration when designing your skin care routine

When it comes to skin care hydration is one, if not the main, consideration. Whether you like it or not, the skin loses water constantly. The progressive loss of water means the loss of elasticity, collagen and elastin fibres leading to the visibility of wrinkles and furrows. There is no denying that when the skin is properly hydrated those effects are delayed and it looks younger. […]

All about thermal water sprays

The believe that thermal water has health giving properties can be found in many places in the world as well as distinct times of human history. There are many examples of empiric evidences of its health properties as well as myths and miracles which provoke a great confusion of what are really the properties of thermal water. In this article we will go trough some studies, public information of retail thermal water products and my own opinion so you can decide to include them or not into your beauty regime. […]

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Beauty tips for skin summer protection

Sunlight has good and bad effects in our body as it is, at the same time, a main source for Vitamin D (strong bones) and a mutagen (cancer). Vitamin D can be acquired adding supplements to our diet or by sunlight exposure (dermal synthesis). The last one can be considered the natural option to get Vitamin D but due a high uncertainty on cancer risk there are not official recommendations of what is the correct level of sunlight exposure to keep yourself safe. […]


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